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Carlisle & Hampton Hill Federation

EDI Equity, Diversity, Inclusion

Dear Parents, Students and members of Hampton Hill Junior and Carlisle Infants School community, 

As a school we are committed to our journey to be actively anti-racist, celebrate diversity and promote equity.

Educating our pupils and staff to think critically and challenge their unconscious bias is at the heart of what we intend to achieve. As a school we are creating a framework that allows our curriculum to be more reflective of the backgrounds from which our learners come. We want all parts of our professional practice to whisper "YOU BELONG" to our HHJS and Carlisle community.

For this to be possible, at times we will be in a place where some uncomfortable truths and difficult conversations will be part of our strategy so that all discrimination and prejudice that we encounter can be constructively resolved. 

We are certain that parents will be a key part of this change and will become an integral part of this process to make our school community stronger, more approachable and fairer for all. We encourage safe conversations in class in lessons like PSHE and RE, as a school we also have opportunities within assembly.

We conduct clubs such as “Young Interpreters” to develop pupil leadership and highlight the value of bringing pluralism through days like “International Languages Day”. Cuisines from all around the world are shared on “International Diversity Day” and children celebrate their heritage by wearing clothes that best represent their culture, geographical location, religious belief or ethnic background. On days such as "Show racism the red card" we take the opportunity to address these matters and increase the racial literacy of our learners.

Nasima Bandealy, Cheryl Wood, Heatherleigh Hayman.