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Carlisle & Hampton Hill Federation

Policies & other important documents


Behaviour statement: The Federation is committed to supporting all pupils to demonstrate consistent, high levels of positive behaviour.  This is in order for them to achieve positive learning and social outcomes.  For further details please refer to our policy document.

Policy document: Anti-Bullying Policy (autumn 2022)

Policy document: Behaviour Policy CIS (autumn 2021)

Policy document: Behaviour Policy HHJS (autumn 2022)

Policies and important documents

Use the links below to download copies of our policies and other important documents. All documents are Federation wide (they apply to both infant and junior schools) unless explicitly stated otherwise. These documents are regularly reviewed by our governor committees to ensure they are fully implemented and are kept up to date.

Acceptable Use of IT Policy (summer 2022)

Accessibility Policy and Plan (autumn 2022)

Anti-Bribery & Corruption Policy (autumn 2022)

Anti-Racism Policy (Spring 2023)

Assessment and Marking Policy (summer 2022)

Best Value Policy (spring 2020)

Best Value Statement (spring 2020)

Charging and Remissions Policy (summer 2022)

Complaints Procedure (summer 2022)

COVID 19 School Closure Safeguarding Policy CIS (spring 2021)

COVID 19 School Closure Safeguarding Policy HHJS (spring 2021)

Data Protection Policy (autumn 2021)

Data Privacy Notice - Parents (autumn 2021)

Data Privacy Notice - Staff (autumn 2021)

Early Years Foundation Stage Policy (autumn 2022)

ECT (Early Career Teacher) Policy (autumn 2022)

Equality & Inclusion Guidance (autumn 2021)

Equality & Inclusion Policy (autumn 2021)

Financial Risk Assessment Policy (spring 2022)

Fire Safety Guidance & Policy (summer 2021)

Freedom of Information Policy (summer 2020)

Governors' Code of Conduct (autumn 2022)

Governors' Expenses Policy (autumn 2020)

Health & Safety Policy (autumn 2022)

Homework Guidance Policy (autumn 2022)

Intimate Care Guidance (autumn 2022)

Lettings Policy (spring 2022)

Managing & Monitoring Contractors Guidance & Policy (summer 2021)

Manual Handling (summer 2021)

Parent Code of Conduct (autumn 2021)

Personal, Social, Health Education & Relationship Sex Education Policy - HHJS (summer 2021)

Personal, Social, Health Education & Relationship Sex Education Policy - CIS (autumn 2021)

Recovery and Spending Plan (autumn 2020)

Remote Learning Policy (autumn 2022)

Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy (autumn 2022)

Scheme for Financing Schools (spring 2021)

School Fund Policy (summer 2022)

Schools Financial Regulations (spring 2019)

Social Media and Mobile Phone Policy (summer 2022)

Special Educational Needs and Disability Policy (summer 2022)

Supporting Pupils with Medical Needs Policy (Autumn 2020)

Whistleblowing Policy (autumn 2020)

Work at Height (summer 2021)

Governance documents:

Governor Code of Conduct (autumn 2022)

Instrument of Government (autumn 2016)