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Carlisle & Hampton Hill Federation

Research & Development

The National College has identified a number of ways in which Teaching Schools can engage in, and promote, research and development.

  • undertaking research and development projects locally to identify and/or help tackle key school improvement priorities
  • participation in the national research and development themes project
  • what makes great pedagogy? – what makes great professional development which leads to a consistently great pedagogy?

RPTSA – Research and Development

The initial focus of Research and Development within the RPTSA has been the formation of a Research Learning Community of schools.  Currently this group includes 8 schools*. The central aim of the group is to develop evidence based practice, initially specifically related to primary science.  We are working closely with the Institute of Education, with St. Mary’s University and with the Primary Science Teaching Trust.  The group is following the approach used by the IOE’s RLC project in that we will:

  • engage with existing research in primary science education
  • develop and embed evidence-informed approaches to teaching and learning based on this research
  • evaluate the success of our approach

Once the group and its working practices are established, it can grow and include more schools, possibly splitting into two or more groups, and the model we have developed can be extended to research and development initiatives across the curriculum.

* HHJS, Carlisle, Trafalgar Juniors, Trafalgar Infants, Vineyard, Heathfield Juniors, East Sheen and St. James’

If you wish to be involved in any of the research projects or would like to set up a research group of your own, please contact Bill Jerman at

For more information on Research and Development within teaching schools on a national level please click here.