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Carlisle & Hampton Hill Federation

Governor meetings

Our Full Governing Body

All governors and associate members attend meetings of the full governing body which usually meets 5 times per year. Copies of non-confidential minutes of all meetings will be available once they have been approved at the next meeting. If you would like a copy of meeting minutes please contact our clerk to the governors at

Our Committees

The Full Governing Body delegates some responsibilities to committees. Both our governors and associate members have voting rights on the committees of which they are members. The current committees are:

  • Finance & Premises 
  • Pay & Personnel
  • Achievement & Families

2023/24 - list of committee members, dates of meetings and record of governors' attendance

2022/23 - list of committee membersdates of meetingsrecord of governors' attendance and Annual Governance Statement

Finance & Premises Committee 

By delegating a set of specific financial management tasks to the Finance & Premises Committee, the Governing Body retains its overall control of the Federation's income and expenditure without having to do the detailed work of budgeting, forecasting, analysing or reporting.

The Federation's Finance & Premises Committee carries out the following tasks:

  • preparing budgets for approval by the governing body
  • exploring different expenditure options
  • forecasting likely future income levels based on pupil numbers and government funding formulas
  • monitoring budgeted income and expenditure
  • adjusting in-year expenditure and projected financial outturns
  • ensuring accounts are properly finalised at year end
  • evaluating the effectiveness of financial decisions
  • reporting on the schools' financial controls to government/local authority
  • investigating financial management risks
  • reviewing and updating financial policies and processes
  • administering the schools' private funds
  • developing and monitoring premise development plans
  • overseeing capital project working groups
  • reviewing school lettings
  • health and safety, emergency procedures and risk assessments
  • working towards improving the sustainability of our schools

The Committee reports to the governing body in respect of any actions taken or decisions made at regular intervals in the financial year.  Committee members include a qualified accountant and governors with financial and business skills and interests.

Pay & Personnel Committee 

The key roles and responsibilities of the Pay & Personnel Committee are to:

  • oversee the Pay Policy to ensure compliance with the school teachers’ pay and conditions of service document (STPCD)
  • oversee performance management and ensure moderation takes place across the Federation
  • undertake the both headteachers' performance review annually and organise the performance review panel

Achievement & Families Committee 

The Achievement & Families Committee is responsible for

  • Safeguarding - including child protection and Prevent
  • Student achievement and progress - including whole school, vulnerable students, Pupil Premium Grant, special educational needs, looked after children and child protection
  • Monitoring the quality of teaching, learning and assessment
  • Key Performance Indicators - behaviour, attendance, punctuality, exclusions and referrals 
  • Self Evaluation Framework - relevant areas of summary and data 
  • School Improvement Partner reports 
  • Parental and community engagement 
  • Monitoring the range and impact of extra-curricular activities on pupil learning
  • Teaching and learning - curriculum policy and design
  • School Council
  • Wellbeing - strategy and pastoral care
  • Subject reviews (as required) - based on feedback from subject link governors 
  • Monitoring diversity & inclusion within our federation

The Committee is made up of a cross section of the school community enabling wide areas of expertise, perspectives and accountability. It undertakes a focused ‘learning walk’ across the schools each term. Meeting agendas are driven by the School Improvement Plans. 

Strategy Group 

As well as our committees we also have a less formal Strategy Group which brings together the Chair and Vice Chair of Governors, both headteachers and each of the committee chairs. It is a way to discuss cross cutting issues that have arisen at the committee meetings and deal with policy or strategy matters.